Harvest Chapel Missionaries

Paul and Lucinda Bentley have been missionaries to Bolivia since 1984 working in church planting, leadership training, itinerant evangelism, teaching, children’s clubs, establishing a health clinic and more. In 1993, they became involved in directing a ministry to establish a radio station for outreach to the Quechua people of Bolivia. The station has been operating ever since and reaches over 1 million listeners. In addition, they also work as Regional leaders for the Americas Region in Pioneers. They provide strategic direction, leadership oversight, leadership development and mentoring to teams who work with the indigenous and tribal groups in the Americas as well as refugees and immigrants in the US and Canada.   

Margaux Poplaski - Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Margaux serves on staff with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in the Northeast Region. In the role of Ministry Advancement Coordinator, she serves 50+ staff across the New England and New York, increasing their effectiveness by providing strategies, training and resources for their ministry.  Margaux helps staff plan and direct FCA Camps, Huddle Leader Trainings,  Fields of Faith Events and Coaches Marriage Events. 

"We have seen hundreds of coaches and athletes hear the gospel and many make first time decisions to follow Christ."

Undisclosed country

E is supported by Harvest Chapel. She teaches four cooking classes a week and between them about 50 people regularly attend. The classes have provided more freedom to have personal, deep and spiritual conversations with these folks. She also greatly enjoys leading two book clubs. These books open up the door to have some spiritual conversations in a fairly natural way. Through working with these two clubs, she has been able to come into more contact with locals her age with whom she can connect. E has begun a study once a week of the Good Word with three new believers who she met through the cooking club!

She is also doing counseling for women with depression  at the women's shelter and is working on translating some resources about depression into xo@#$%. 


Please be lifting up all the work E is able to do. There are days when it can be hard to hear the things her friends share with her. There is so much abuse and trauma in the culture. She needs wisdom on how to cope with what she sees and hears in a healthy and sustainable way. 


First STep Prenancy

Resource Center

First Step is a pregnancy resource center in Bangor, Maine which gives pregnant women support and information in a non-judgmental way. They provide pregnancy tests, options information, ultra-sounds, post abortion support, parenting classes, bible studies and more. I Harvest Chapel has been supporting them for at least 15 years.

Travis Pelletier - Ratio Christi

Travis is supported by Harvest Chapel and represents Ratio Christi, a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Christ. He works with students at the University of Maine as well as at local churches. He holds major apologetics/evangelism events and also leads study groups at local churches. Some topics include Biblical responses to transgenderism and homosexuality, Critical Race Theory, and Black Lives Matter. Travis has recently partnered with OTAN to write a curriculum on Biblical Ethics.  Through Ratio Christi, he has also published a unique series of apologetics booklets targeted at college-age folks. These booklets are available at: 


Travis is married with two healthy children, has a wonderful church family He writes, "It is because of your faithful prayers and partnership that we have been able to minister in so many different avenues. Your commitment with us for the Gospel not only impacts UMO and Central Maine, it is now impacting students throughout the U.S. as well as pastors around the world! Thank you so much for being a part of this ministry for Christ."

Ways to pray for other christians in the world

Many Christians throughout the world are being persecuted for their faith.  To find out more, go the link from Voice of the Martyrshere